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Jul 21, 2012 1:30am PDT
married her childhood friend on december 12. they are the parents of fredrick and twins robert and john. her education continued with a master's degree in early childhood literature, and programming in 1975 from webster university. patricia has a successful career as a teacher and children's book editor. she changed careers to become a full time writer of children and young adult books. her goal is to create books for and about african-americans. i write because there is a need to have books for, by and about the african-american experience and how we helped to develop this country. i present to you patricia makinsik heart of literacy. >> i am from st. louis, missouri. a lot of you think i have said it in correctly when i said missouri. you think i got it slid into my southern dialect, right? no. i was not born in st. louis. i was born in nashville, tennessee, a little town side of nashville. that is where i grew up, went to high school, met and married my husband. moved back to st. louis where i lived part of my life. i
Jul 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. maybe you even know a pair of very smart twins. but erika has a story about quadruplets -- four siblings, each one of them qualified to join a club of intellectual superstars. >> they don't look exactly alike, but these teens have a very special bond -- they're quadruplets, very accomplished quadruplets. for example... >> [ speaking mandarin ] >> ...patrick, thomas, and alanna learned to speak mandarin chinese. >> sister moria focused on learning sign language instead. what makes this unusual is that they started learning these languages before they were even in kindergarten. >> i was told that most kids entering kindergarten couldn't write everybody's name in the house, couldn't tie their shoes, couldn't read, and didn't have an understanding of two other languages. and i didn't know that. i thought that they had to have these skills to go into kindergarten. >> by the time they reached high school, the crowley quads had a high profile in their hometown of wylie, texas. >> sit! >> in addition to service projects like training guide dogs, they've racked up a slew of accomplishments in aca
Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
to help the single mother who quit the dispatcher shop four years ago spend time with young twin girls. the cannot find another job. >>> i never imagined being in a situation of this. but i am carried and she has made me feel like an important enough. they really care. >>> about to let people come through the program. in half of them have gotten jobs. and the members gain work experience volunteering to plan and nonprofits events. she's cochairing the barbecue fundraiser. there also organizing the conference on homelessness and did just remember those who live on the street. the nonprofit members gain skills and budgeting, speaking and marketing. and helped enter wilson with this interview skills. and two years after completing a program he's a supervisor at private security company. how much does it mean to you? >>> how you measure it? his family. >>> inspire confidence and courage. >>> went this bessie into wings on. i really do. >>> she gets emotional when they get hired. >>> i cried. it is not just a job. is that they are very stable inside. >>> this week's jefferson award in the b
Jul 21, 2012 3:00am PDT
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Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
murder of her twin sons two years ago. >> i want someone to be seen not as a snitch but as someone who cares, because if you speak up, you're going to help save lives. >> in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> also at 6:00, a long-awaited reyuan non. there you see a lot of smiles, they haven't been allowed to see each other, hug or even kiss for six months, today suspended sever ross mirkarimi was arrested in january in connection with a new year's eve argument. we spoke one-on-one with illiana lopez, she tells us she is relieved this phase of the ethics hearing is over. she does have regrets. her first regret that cell phone video which has been at the heart of the matter. she made that video because her neighbor ivory madison who's an attorney said she could lose custody of her 3-year-old son because she did not have a green card. >> the media took my s-- the vi my son's father away from him. the video make us stress for six months, we both act for fear, which act was worse, the bruise or the video. >> illiana lopez sitting down saying she's working on mending the relationship with her hu
Jul 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
that book! can you believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ or your money back. why every room deservestell us what to look great.olor is? and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ... across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get 10% off or up to 24 months special financing on carpet purchases with your home depot credit card. >>> we are still trying to wrap our heads around this senseless tragedy that took place in aurora, colorado. midnight hours of the movie screaming of "the dark knight rises" led to 12 people being shot. the shooter, james holmes, is in custody and awaiting an appearance in court on monday morning. joining me is richard kim, executive editor at and harry smith, correspondent for nbc's "rock center" and dorran warren, political science of international affairs at columbia
Jul 21, 2012 5:00am EDT
or four inches we got yesterday, all in twin load, or the day before, the evening before. but we still have rain in the forecast for today. we're still trying to move this front to the south of us. farther south to allow dryer air to get in. it's not happening right now. right now, we have some light rain showers and drizzle over the area. just covering the metropolitan area now from the eastern shore northwestward out into carroll county, and there's more to the west in northern virginia and west virginia as well, and it's drifting in, traveling along the north edge of that front. so, yes, we still have rain in the forecast today. we'll try to salvage tomorrow. it might be a 50-50 this weekend. i'll talk about it coming up with the insta-weather. >> now to our big story, detames on the horrific massacre in aurora, colorado, continue to unfold this morning. 12 people were killed, more than 50 injured during a shooting spree at the premiere of the new batman knewee, "the dark knight rises." >> this morning, community searches for clues about how and why this massacre happened. we have t
Jul 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
platform that i was 37 years young, had twins, and she would say, you can make a good -- you can be a good member of congress and a good mother, just not at the same time. >> one of the things i want to raise -- i am a glass is half- full person also. think about it -- women are inherently very intelligent. if you look and see what happens when you run for office, there are a lot of women who will fight with purpose, say, why would i want to do that? i always look at the 2008 campaign. hillary clinton -- you have people talking about your cleavage. sara pailin, people are saying, how will you be vice-president when you have so many children? do you really want to run? how often is a male candidate running and you hear them say, look at that fat belly and come over. it never happens. -- and comb-over. [laughter] but when it is the female candidate, it is, is she married, does she have children, how will she take care of them? i have never read anything about anybody ever seen, how is joe biden going to be a senator and raise his children? maybe it happened -- i have not seen it in any repor
Jul 21, 2012 12:30pm EDT
of being at my advanced age and still having a -- 10-year-old children, twins. i got tired of waiting for grandchildren so i made my own. [laughter] so they go to a school in which a bad idea of inclusiveness, where we look at forced immigration or voluntary immigration. they interview people who have come to the country and they start establishing a wet -- was not able to do in this lifetime. the relationship that will make the difference. until we really get to know each other from who we really are and in the spiritual sense, children of god and until we recognize that in ourselves and others and all acts from that, that is the freedom. that is the freedom that i think is the only real freedom that we can ever aspire to. and in redlining and all that other stuff, even the civil rights act accomplished nothing without that basis of each one of us seeing our relationship through the spiritual eyes of our oneness, not our separation. >> thank you. did you have a question? [laughter] >> thank you very much. that was beautiful by the way. [applause] >> hi. as the mother of a 12-year-old
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)